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Χειροποίητο πλεκτό κολιέ απο νήμα χρυσοχοϊας & ασήμι 925 επιχρυσωμένο με αληθινά μαργαριτάρια.



Vasso Galati wishing to express the Greek nature,the aura of the blue sea and the warm beauty of the sun shine, started creating her own pieces of work, little pieces of art handmade jewelry for a special look

A lot of famous Greek women choose our jewelry from themselves is a different proposal in the jewelry market. For years we are the company opting more and more famous in the daily or the formal appearances.

Χειροποίητο πλεκτό κολιέ από νήμα χρυσοχοΐας & ασήμι 925

SKU: K.MP-49g
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